Meet Our Founder – Kristin Bauerkristin_2

Kristin is a Hado Instructor, training with the late Dr. Masaru Emoto in Tokyo Japan is 2014. She has led monthly water ceremonies since then and is committed to all people, especially children, remembering their love and gratitude for water. Her commitment to the water began when Dr. Emoto shared his Hado Instructor data with her and made the request that these teachings be shared so that all may know their potential to create peace on our planet through the power of water. She is a student of the philosophy of the red road through our Native American ancestors and continues her training through her commitment as a Sun and Moondancer. She is also gifted the divine grace of being mother to Esse Northern Star.


Sacred Water Tribe

The Sacred Water Tribe is non profit organization dedicated to serving water consciousness around the globe. Our mission is to share with all and especially children the power of their thoughts and actions and to pass on a clean and loving planet to them.

Join us locally and globally every month to honor the water in our bodies and on our mother earth. During this gathering we share the message of Hado, the teaching passed on to us by Dr. Masaru Emoto and we share our love and gratitude for the water element. Hado Instructors, Native American Elders, musicians and all of our friends come together to create this powerful and beautiful ceremony of healing. You can also contact us to come and create the first ceremony for your group in person.


Water Ceremonies

Our water ceremony is a collective community gathering to honor and bless our water. Singing songs and playing instruments in resonance of love and gratitude that we have for water and for the great gift of life that water provides us. Guided by our Native American Elders in ceremony sending healing energy from our hearts and positive thoughts from our mind to create peace in our water. From the inside rippling out.

We are water. Water is sacred. Water is life. And water is the blood of our mother earth. With this powerful understanding, we will create a mandala or sacred geometrical pattern on the sand/ground using crystals, flowers, shells or other beautiful and sacred materials that surround a vessel filled with water from that area that the ceremony is being held.

Together we will hold the intention of love and gratitude with a beautiful concert for the water and when the concert is over we offer the water with our prayers back to the original source while sharing Ho’oponopono prayer.