Sacred Water Ceremonies


Dear Ones,

This is an urgent request to join in resonance to heal the water from the toxic algae bloom in the waters of Florida. Even if you do not live in Florida or can not attend a ceremony in your area, your resonance is still needed.

In the spirit of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research regarding, water memory, the power of collective consciousness and it’s connection with water and all life on our planet.

Please join in resonance with our Native American Elders and Sacred Water Tribe for a powerful Water Ceremony offering love and gratitude to heal our precious water. You can join in person or right from where you are.

Lake Okeechobee and it’s inhabitants are in desperate need of a COMMUNITY COLLECTIVE RESPONSE to eradicate this toxic blue green algae overgrowth. At this gathering we will collectively offer pure love and gratitude to create a powerful resonance to purify/heal Lake Okeechobee and all water connected.

What is a Water Ceremony?
Our water ceremony is a collective community gathering to honor and bless our water. Singing songs and playing instruments in resonance of love and gratitude that we have for water and for the great gift of life that water provides us. Guided by our Native American Elders in ceremony sending healing energy from our hearts and positive thoughts from our mind to create peace in our water. From the inside rippling out.

We are water. Water is sacred. Water is life. And water is the blood of our mother earth. With this powerful understanding, we will create a mandala or sacred geometrical pattern on the sand/ground using crystals, flowers, shells or other beautiful and sacred materials that surround a vessel filled with water from that area that the ceremony is being held.

Together we will hold the intention of love and gratitude with a beautiful concert for the water and when the concert is over we offer the water with our prayers back to the original source while sharing Ho’oponopono prayer.

Ho’oponopono Prayer:
Water, I am sorry,
Water, Please forgive me,
Water, Thank you,
Water, I Love you.

Ho’oponopono is a powerful Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a powerful incantation to the water and allows one the opportunity to make right on any wrong actions, negative thoughts, or negative energy that we have created. This prayer is received by water and thus water will reflected back peace and harmony.

What Is The Purpose Of A Water Ceremony?

Water is what connect all life. So even if you are not directly next to a body of water, you are still connected… water is what connects us all.

By gathering as many people at the same time, with the SAME intention of Love & Gratitude will create a powerful RESONANCE that will have a purification effect on water.

The current scientific research presented by the world’s leading water scientists at supports Dr. Emoto’s Water Memory Theory by demonstrating water’s ability to record, store and transmit all wave information it receives.

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a pioneer in water research and was famous for sharing his theory of Water Memory with his water crystal photography that visually demonstrated how water is influenced by energy. Indigenous tribes around the world, such as the Native American elders, have also shared this knowledge with us since as long as we have recorded. It is something that they have never forgotten and yet something that we are just starting to begin to understand.

Water makes up 75% of the human body in volume and 99% on a molecular level. We truly are water and we live on a planet that is 75% water. We are water beings on a water planet, so it is integral to the functioning and health of the human body and to the health of the planet that we have a deep understanding and respect for water. When we learn about water, we learn about ourselves.

Dr. Emoto’s water and HADO (vibration) research demonstrated how energy effects water and his Water Memory Theory. When Dr. Emoto played music to water, the molecular structure changed based on the type of music. The same happened when words, pictures and images were shown to water. Beautiful images, words, music and even thoughts, produced crystals that were structured with beautiful symmetrical form, as if created by an amazing artist. Negative or harsh music, negative words, thoughts an emotions left the water without structure or symmetrical form. You see, all things that exist create their own unique vibration, including our thoughts and emotions. All vibration is actually producing a sound and water is imprinted by these vibrations. What you put out… is what you receive.

With the powerful information of Water Memory and scientific proof of water’s ability to record, store and transmit all information(vibration) it receives, this will  transcend humanity. Water is a powerful teacher for us because it is a mirror of our thoughts our emotions and our actions. It is important to spend time with water. What it is reflecting back to us?

Let’s offer prayers of love and gratitude for reconciliation for any of our actions or emotions that may have been out of alignment with peace and harmony. This is powerful for our health, the planets health to create peace on earth.

On a grander scale we also have the power to create peace for all humanity by collectively gathering our hearts intention together in RESONANCE of love & gratitude for peace on a global scale. Dr. Emoto explained the power of resonance of a sincere or pure prayer and its natural ability to purify water, this concept is similar to the effects of how electrolysis is able to purify water. The more people that come together collectively in resonance, the stronger that vibrations grows. Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.

On a level of society there is much suffering, war, crime, sadness and distress . We have not fixed this on a large scale effort and so the possibility of Nikola Tesla’s great advice may have benefit. He said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Vibration is small, so what small things have we overlooked in our lives that are not in harmony with peace. If the world is not at peace, if the water is not at peace, then somewhere inside of our selves we have the opportunity to create more peace. It may not be an obvious or easier answer and that is why the water is such a powerful tool again, because when we offer our love to the water in a water ceremony the absolute only response that our body can have is to also receive this love, because we are water.

Existence is vibration. When we separate something into its smallest parts, we always enter a strange world where all that exists is particles and waves. The fact that everything is in a state of vibration also means that everything is creating sound. And as sound is created, there is a master listener to receive the sound: WATER. ~ Masaru Emoto

This is a powerful time that we have all of these lessons from the water shows that it is every single one of us that creates peace. There is no organization, group, president, or any other entity that will create peace for us…. it has to start with YOU.

Please RSVP, SHARE, and INVITE this event with everyone you can!



~ August 13 Lake Okeechobee Water Ceremony

9:00am – 11:00am – Water Ceremony
11:30am – 1:00pm – Water Concert

Veteran’s Park
802 NE 1st St. * Delray Beach, FL 33483

~ August 13 Global Water Ceremony: 9am – 11am EST (Download the Global Meditation Template)

~ September 3 Delray Beach Water Ceremony: 8am to 10am

~ September 3 Global Water Ceremony: 8am to 10am


Please join in person at the Torry Island Campground in Marina Belle Glade, Florida 33430

If you can not join in person, or create your own Water Ceremony in your area, please post your location on the event wall and please join in resonance of sending love and gratitude from your heart at the same time.

WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION PLEASE Collectively the Power of our Prayer Grows.